MEDREX hospital makes "hope" with advanced medical technology"

Even though everything changes, your health should not change. 
In the period accelerating everything, I feel anxious about appearance of society changing in a blink of an eye today.
Unlike a changing age, I wish health didn’t change, as one was younger and the healthiest times. 
It is said that there are not perfect cures but various therapies in the world.
"However, MEDREX hospital has studied to find perfect cures. MEDREX hospital aims at perfect cures with advanced medical technology."
MEDREX hospital is diligent 
MEDREX hospital leads future.
MEDREX hospital creates a standard.
Giving hope and dream to patients, as a rewarding workplace to staff members, as a hospital sharing the love and hope to neighbors, challenge and passion will be continued in MEDREX hospital.
Dream of yesterday, challenge of today, dreaming of pleasing tomorrow, MEDREX hospital will walk together with patients.




High-tech Smart Hospital

Systems of MEDREX are integrated with the latest information technologies.

It is possible to experience high-tech technologies of Sam-sung at MEDREX.
"Information in the hospital and practice pattern of examination can be accessed via LED monitors from anywhere throughout the premises. 

When hospitalized, it is possible to have full access to all the information wanting to know during stay, including disease, amenities and even diet for the day, through a private tablet."


Safe hospital

Patients’ safety is given first priority at MEDREX.

Patients’ safety should always come first when it comes to medical treatment, and MEDREX keeps basic rule all the time.

MEDREX makes an effort to ensure patients' safety containing a clean and sterile operating room to minimize the risk of infection, safety drills involving all hospital staff members, regular cleaning and anti-contamination training, a prompt fire reporting system, plans for safe transportation of patients and evacuation in case of emergencies, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training for all staff members.

Comfortable hospital

There is everything under patient’s hand in MEDREX, like home.

"Patients can feel as if they were at home during hospitalization.

It is highly important for patients suffering from bones or nerve diseases."

Every patient at MEDREX can feel comfortable all the time due to the basics such as bed, room environment, toilet, and amenities including ground-floor food and beverage retailers and a rooftop garden. 

MEDREX cares about everything to ensure every patient comfortable stay. 
For outpatients, MEDREX operates a device issuing numbers that indicate their turns and provides displays showing what is going on with patients in line as part of our service for better healthcare experiences. 


Professional Co-Treatment System

8:00 a.m, It is the time when the entire medical staffs of MEDREX put their thoughts together.

Conferences at MEDREX are rooted in science. Inter-departmental co-working helps uncover ideal solutions.

MEDREX starts days early. 
At 8:00 in the morning, all of its members, whether doctors or nurses, get together to discuss what treatment will be ideal for each patient. 
Based on their own experiences and know-hows, Medrex's specialists share their ideas with one another to help patients return to their normal lives earlier than anywhere else.

Clean and asepsis operating room

Clean and asepsis operating room is a core of advanced medical system of MEDREX.

Clean and asepsis system is free of risk of infection with patient's safety first. 

The operating room is the heart of MEDREX and the most critical space on the premises. It is equipped with high-tech medical system required to perform all kinds of procedures offered by the hospital for patients in an accurate and expedient manner, ranging from re-born stem cell surgery that can help with the regeneration without damage to autogenous cartilage to nerval balloon dilatation. In addition, the sterile system that can minimize the risk of infection during operation will help aid with rapid recovery and provide patients with the best healthcare experience ever.


​Treatments in MEDREX

It is possible to check for yourself.
It is possible to treat arthritis more accurately and more exactly!


Stem Cell Therapy

Re-born cell stem cell plastics

Just an hour! It's the time that your knee having a pain Just an hour – It’s the time that is well again your knee having a pain for 30 years
Without getting knee cartilage surgery, it can regenerate to plant stem cell.

Joint Treatment

Micro Arthroscope & Artificial joint surgery

It is possible to treat arthritis more accurately and more exactly!

It is the most important care philosophy for MEDREX to be with its heart not being replaced with anything.

Spine Treatment

Nerval ballon dilatation
Endoscopic laser treatment

The best choice for having mornings without distress on spine!

Hospital Corridor

Rehabilitation / Sport Medicine

Safe, Effective and Scientific Rehabilitation

Scientific, safe and effective rehabilitation is as important as successful procedures.

To aid rapid recovery, Medrex's offers a highly professional and one on one exercise program tailored to needs and physical characteristics based on doctor's prescription.


Internal medicine

From adult disease such as hypertension, diabetes, and hyperlipidemia, to chronic pain and osteoporosis!

MEDREX offers precise and accurate diagnosis and high-standard medical care based on advanced diagnostic equipment and highly skilled and experienced internal medicine specialists to improve patient’s life affluent.

Diagnostic radiology

High-tech diagnostic equipments minimize needed tests and identify causes of pain!

Diagnostic radiology center at MEDREX, equipped with advanced medical devices including MRI, digital X-ray and sonography comparable to those of university hospitals, identifies the cause of any disease with high accuracy
Along with high-tech diagnostic equipments, experienced radiologists who have read tens of thousands of cases can help identify correctly where and how treatment should start for each case.


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